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Snom Wideband Monaural Duo Headset, noise cancelling, for D3xx, D7xx series phones


Especially with long conversations, a headset can provide a much better comfort than a normal telephone handset, because it allows not only the freedom of movement but also a significantly better comfort and the ability to work productively next to the conversation. This is exactly why we have developed the incredibly light Snom A100D - a modern headset for everyday use in almost all applications. In addition to its modern design and extreme lightweight construction, the headset also features a powerful noise-canceling microphone and two high quality speakers for the best sound. 


Thanks to its universal connection, the Snom A100D can be quickly and easily connected to all Snom telephones, making it easy to integrate into your daily work routine. 


Short overview

  • 300 ° rotatable, flexible microphone arm 
  • Noise-canceling ECM microphone for best sound even in noisy environments
  • Best broadband audio quality thanks to integrated neodymium speakers
  • QD connector for various applications
  • Super light: 79g (without cable)
  • Modern design, high quality workmanship
  • Synthetic leather earpads


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