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The new wireless Snom A170 is a high-quality headset for Snom phones offering the highest quality as well as maximum mobility. The lightweight and handy headset has a broadband speaker and a passive noise canceling microphone. This disturbing ambient noise are simply filtered out. For individually optimal comfort, the headset offers three carrying options: Either with the included headband or neckband or directly on the ear. No matter what you prefer, the Snom A170 adapts to your needs.

Mobility is at the forefront of the A170. The headset is therefore not connected via Bluetooth, but via the much more powerful DECT technology with its base station. This means that a movement radius of up to 25 meters is no longer a problem.

The Snom A170 DECT Headset also has built-in EHS functionality so you do not miss a call on the go. At the push of a button, the most important functions such as call acceptance, microphone mute or volume can be controlled directly on the headset. And should it take longer again in a call, a second battery is charged in the base station of the A170, which can be changed at any time, even with ongoing calls. In principle, unlimited call durations are possible.

To best support productivity in the workplace, you can also connect and use the Snom A170 DECT Headset not only to your Snom phone, but also to your PC via an integrated USB port. With a simple keystroke on the base station, you can easily switch between the phone and the PC.

The A170 allows them to keep moving without sacrificing quality or functionality. So you can focus on the conversation, but still have both hands free to simultaneously tap on the keyboard or write notes.

The new Snom A170 DECT headset is compatible with the Snom desktop phones of the D7xx and D3xx series.



  • Outstanding broadband audio quality
  • Passive noise canceling microphone
  • Three different carrying options
  • DECT technology
  • Long range (up to 25m)
  • Can be used with both a Snom phone and PC. (USB)


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