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Frequently Asked Questions

Review our frequently asked questions below to find the answer to your question,
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Q | Are alpha-numerical Caller IDs available when dialling out?

Definitely! Note that alpha-numerical caller IDs can only be displayed on SIP Supported devices / PBXs.

Alpha-numerical Caller IDs will not display on your mobile device as most cellular providers do not allow this.

Q | How do I load more Prepaid Call Credit onto my Account?

  • Login to your DataPhone User Account
  • On the left hand side in the menu click on SIP Accounts
  • In the right top corner click on New Order
  • Click on Balance Topup
  • Insert desired Rand amount and proceed to payment
  • Your top up Call Credit will show on your available balance on the main screen under your SIP Accounts
Q | Is it possible to cancel my VoIP Line/SIP Account? If so how?

  • Kindly email with your cancellation request and include:
    • Account Name
    • VoIP Line/Sip Trunk Number
  • The cancellation will be processed within one business day
  • Note that whatever Prepaid Call Credit you may have left on this VoIP Line/Sip Trunk will be lost and is non refundable
Q | What is needed for a VoIP Phone System?

You will need the following which can be purchased from your DataPhone User Account:

  • VoIP Line/SIP Trunk
  • Call Credit
  • IP Phone
  • 3CX License
  • VPS/Cloud Hosting